National Lampoon selects Aspen for NFT strategy

Creating a New Home for Comedy in Web3

National Lampoon Selects Aspen to Power NFT Strategy

National Lampoon Selects Aspen to Power NFT Strategy - Creating a New Home for Comedy in Web3

National Lampoon, the comedy institution first launched as a magazine spinoff of Harvard University’s Harvard Lampoon, has selected NFT platform, Aspen, to power their newly announced web3 initiative, marking the cult classic comedy house’s entrance into web3.

Earlier this month, National Lampoon publicized its partnership with Non Fungible Films, piquing interest around soon-to-be-released NFTs and other web3 focused projects based on the famed Lampoon’s IP.

Aspen’s powerful minting and marketing tools enable National Lampoon to merge their existing legal contracts — inclusive of copyright, trademark and royalties considerations — with NFT smart contracts, unlocking their rich historical IP library and providing new pathways to revive their irreverent classics for old and new audiences alike.

“National Lampoon is focused on being as disruptive today as it was in its early years, and that’s why we’re democratizing comedy using Web3. Connecting artists and fans through our creative hub is critical to our success, which is now possible thanks to our collaboration with Aspen. Working with the team at Monax Labs and their NFT Platform, Aspen, we will be able to leverage everything National Lampoon stands for — from then and now — into new IP investments and fan support, empowering our creators to become the foremost comedians in web3,” said Harsharn Singh of National Lampoon NFT.

To date, the entertainment industry has struggled to execute compelling and profitable web3 initiatives due to various ownership constraints such as the inability to incorporate terms of use and service directly into NFTs and the associated transactions. 

As a result, fans and consumers are left with little to be excited about as studios and content houses are unable to provide memorable or differentiating media experiences linked to protected IP, leaving them sidelined while consumer brands like Gucci and Tiffany create new NFT-driven revenue streams.

Aspen’s robust technology synthesizes National Lampoon’s existing IP agreements with blockchain-based tokens to produce NFTs with or without customizable terms and conditions. Further, Aspen’s transactional platform prompts purchasers to accept the terms and conditions for each acquisition event — ensuring those terms are enforceable throughout the life of the NFT.

“National Lampoon’s brand is legendary. We are excited to work together so consumers can experience their new and existing titles via NFTs while addressing IP and royalty requirements.” said Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax Labs. “NFT format represents the first real opportunity for brands to package and sell digital content and experiences as a consumer product, our partnership will showcase the value of media ownership via NFTs.”

National Lampoon’s digital revival is positioned to reinvigorate their reputation for rebellion and create a new home for comedy in web3. Their genesis collection, Poison Pill, is an  all-access membership to National Lampoon’s revival of bold, renegade comedy and media for the modern age. The digital collectible is the first phase in their pathway to providing creators and comedians a platform to share and express ideas through content.