How to create generative art using AI

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How to create generative art using AI

How to create generative art using AI

Is it just us or is there a new AI tool popping up each week?

We’ve excitedly been monitoring the intersection of web3 and AI to keep our finger on the best emerging tools and resources for Creators. 

Collections like Art Blocks, Autoglyphs or Lost Poets are a part of the Generative Art NFT market which generated 2.57 billion dollars in 2021 — a serious increase from the $20 million it landed in 2020. Crypto winter or not, that type of upward trajectory is attractive to Creators and collectors alike, and may have you wondering how you can harness the power of AI to create your own generative collection. 

We can help.

While AI is an incredibly capable and powerful tool, the best results are achieved by selecting the platform most capable to deliver your achieved results, understanding how language models operate and learning how to provide highly specific, actionable prompts to optimize outputs. 

We sat down with AI-enthusiast and Aspen software engineer, Devon, and created an end-to-end guide for Creators interested in leveraging AI for next-generation artwork.

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