Your Platform for Membership Programs

Royalties Guaranteed

Your Platform for Membership Programs Royalties Guaranteed

Your Platform for Membership Programs Royalties Guaranteed

Aspen offers a much-needed solution to the current web3 marketplace dilemma by putting control of royalties, minting, subscriptions and utility-gated access back in Creator’s hands.

Today we announced to the world the formal launch of Aspen, our pioneering web3 membership platform with the power to bridge the gap between creators and their communities. Seeking to redefine the foundation of the creator economy, Aspen delivers a robust suite of intuitive tools to craft and manage bespoke membership programs that drive community value and creator revenue. These tools include essentials for royalties, minting, membership subscriptions and utility access.

Our tools’ proven track record of success stories presents endless possibilities for a restorative and progressive creator economy by providing proactive, consistent, long-term solutions for creators to generate revenue during a time of major shifts within the market. 

“We at Monax Labs are thrilled to announce Aspen,” says Casey Kuhlman,  CEO of Monax Labs. “It’s been our vision to create a decentralized future that puts creator rights first. In building this platform with the creator in mind, we want to help businesses of all sizes have the support systems they need to succeed, so that the web3 market can flourish.”

Since our initial soft launch 6 months ago, we have worked directly with creators and projects to reclaim royalties and revenue that would otherwise be lost. One exemplary success story is that of Consortium Key, a collection that unlocks  tools to maximize trading efficiency. 

We worked alongside Consortium Key to come up with a solution to an unstable business model resulting in a 95% decrease in their revenue. Within the first month of implementing the new program — powered by Aspen’s tools — Consortium Key reached their initial revenue goal, more than doubling the amount of subscriptions. 

In addition, current stats show that 90% of Consortium Key’s holders have paid their royalties (an increase of 80% since April 2023 when only 10% had been paid) and since February 2023, there’s been a 75% increase of holders who have paid a subscription.  This turnaround not only saved the project from potential deterioration, but enabled them to regain revenues totalling about 60% of cash flow breakeven. 

By the second month, Consortium Key had reached cash flow breakeven on subscription revenue alone and were able to begin replenishing their reserves that had dwindled due to the unexpected optional royalties model that marketplaces implemented.  Ultimately, Aspen helped the creators  turn a financial crisis into a tremendous opportunity, increasing membership revenue, while providing a powerful trading experience for their users.

“We believe Aspen holds the keys that can unlock a hall of doors for collecting revenue, while also harnessing the keys that protect a creator’s intellectual property,” says Christina Giannakou, Chief Creative Officer of Monax Labs who has been leading the development of Aspen. “The concept of Aspen was born out of an unwavering commitment to creator rights. We want to empower creators to unlock recurring revenue, shield their intellectual property, and commandeer their own enterprises. Aspen is a solution that addresses the problems facing web3 creators today, but the tools can also solve some of the challenges Hollywood and the entertainment industry at large are facing in this next chapter of technology.”

From ideation to implementation, creators wield unbridled autonomy with Aspen, weaving narratives and forging connections in a space they truly own. For a deeper look into Aspen's transformative approach to the creator economy, visit our platform.