The Lightning Guide to Growth

Focused Community Building in 2023

The Lightning Guide to Growth-Focused Community Building in 2023

The Lightning Guide to Growth-Focused Community Building in 2023

Ever wished for a lightning-fast, easy-to-digest guide to turbocharge your community's growth? Well, wish no more! We've crafted a succinct yet comprehensive guide brimming with essential Dos and Don'ts for community building in 2023. It's snappy, it's actionable, and best of all, it's designed to set your community on the path to exponential growth. 

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Embrace Diversity, NOT Homogeneity: Communities thrive on different cultures, ideologies, and perspectives. Avoid building a community that encourages homogeneity.

Promote Engagement, NOT Passivity: Encourage interaction and engagement within your community. Avoid letting your community become a passive audience.

Be Transparent, NOT Opaque: Clear communication about community rules, plans, and changes fosters trust. Avoid keeping members in the dark.

Foster Mutual Respect, NOT Intolerance: Build a community where members respect each other's opinions. Avoid creating an environment that breeds intolerance or animosity.

Promote Learning, NOT Ignorance: Encourage community members to learn and grow together. Avoid letting misinformation or lack of knowledge spread.

Be Responsive, NOT Unapproachable: Ensure that community leaders are approachable and responsive. Avoid creating a barrier between leadership and members.

Encourage Participation, NOT Silence: Foster a culture that encourages participation in discussions and activities. Avoid letting members stay silent and unnoticed.

Show Appreciation, NOT Indifference: Regularly acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of your community members. Avoid showing indifference towards their contributions.




Seek Feedback, DON’T Disregard Opinions: Regularly seek and take into account feedback from your community. Avoid disregarding members' opinions.

Be Consistent, NOT Erratic: Consistency in community rules, activities, and communication helps build trust. Avoid erratic and unpredictable behavior.

Adapt and Innovate, DON’T Stagnate: Embrace change and continuously innovate to keep the community vibrant and interesting. Avoid stagnation and repetition.

Highlight Success Stories, NOT Just Problems: Share success stories and positive experiences to inspire your community. Avoid focusing solely on problems and issues.

Encourage Peer Support, NOT Just Top-Down Assistance: Foster a culture where members can support and help each other. Avoid creating a system that only provides top-down assistance.

Develop Leadership Among Members, NOT Just Hierarchical Leaders: Encourage leadership skills among community members. Avoid a rigid hierarchical leadership structure.

Provide Value, DON’T Just Take: Ensure that your community provides value to its members. Avoid creating a community that seems to only take from its members without giving back.

Implement Clear Guidelines, NOT Arbitrary Rules: Establish clear community guidelines to provide structure and order. Avoid imposing arbitrary rules which may confuse and frustrate members.

Promote Collaboration, NOT Competition: Foster a spirit of collaboration among members. Avoid creating a competitive atmosphere that could lead to conflict and fragmentation.

Provide Platforms for Member Voices, NOT Just Leadership Monologues: Give members a platform to share their ideas and experiences. Avoid situations where only the leadership's voice is heard.

Prioritize Safety and Well-being, DON’T Neglect Member Concerns: Ensure your community is a safe space for all members. Avoid neglecting members' concerns about safety and well-being.

Celebrate Milestones, DON’T Overlook Achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate community achievements and milestones. Avoid overlooking these accomplishments, as they can be powerful motivators and indicators of growth.

These practices will not only help your community grow, but they will also foster a sense of unity and satisfaction among your members. With this list in your pocket, you're all set to engage, grow, and delight your community this year. So, are you ready to do this (and not that)?

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