Create a Membership Program in 4 Simple Steps

with Aspen

Create a Membership Program in 4 Simple Steps with Aspen

Create a Membership Program in 4 Simple Steps with Aspen

In the dynamic world of Web3, every project essentially serves as a membership program. A single purchase isn't just a transaction; it's an entry ticket granting access to a community and its myriad utilities. This is why Aspen is committed to offering Web3 creators the simplest and most effective tools to take their membership programs to the next level.

Our platform comes with better eligibility requirements, superior utility options, and flexible pricing schemes. This way, you can enjoy the time and financial stability to focus on what you do best: creating and innovating.

Step 1: Import Smart Contract

No Smart Contract? No Problem, Mint a New One With Aspen

Smart contracts are the backbone of Web3 projects, automating the terms and conditions of any membership program. If you don't already have one, Aspen can easily help you mint a new smart contract. This serves as the bedrock of your project, facilitating automated actions like payment collections and membership access.

Step 2: Set Up Membership

Define Eligibility Requirements and Utility or Rewards

Here's where you can let your creativity run wild. Use Aspen's robust platform to set up nuanced eligibility requirements for your community. Want to limit access based on NFT holdings? No problem.

Require royalties to be paid for premium content? Easily done. You can also set conditions like subscription payments, activation fees, or even something as simple as email verification.

But eligibility is just the start. Decide what benefits or utilities your community members will have access to. Whether that's exclusive content, product discounts, or early access to your new projects, the sky's the limit.

Step 3: Collect Revenue

Secure Your Royalties, Subscription Payments, and Activation Fees

Sustainability is key in any community. Aspen facilitates multiple avenues for you to collect revenue. From royalties on secondary sales and subscription payments for ongoing utilities to one-time activation fees for new members, every revenue stream is a building block toward a more sustainable community.

Step 4: Track Activity

Know What Your Community Loves to Re-Engage and Delight

Once your membership program is up and running, it's crucial to know how it's performing. Aspen offers analytics tools to help you understand your community's preferences, interactions, and behaviors. This valuable information allows you to refine your offerings, ensuring that you not only engage but also delight your community over time.

Aspen's creator-first membership platform is designed to put you in control. It's built from our core belief in creator rights—the right to be paid fairly, to protect your intellectual property, and to be the master of your own business. With Aspen, creating a membership program is no longer a complex chore. Instead, it's a straightforward process that allows you to build and sustain your community effectively.

So take the first step today. With Aspen by your side, you're not just another creator—you're a community builder, a curator of culture, and a facilitator of meaningful connections. And in the Web3 world, that's the most valuable asset you can have.